Party to award certificates to Indonesian students.

On June 30, 2023

            The International College hosted a party to award certificates to Indonesian students from more than 10 higher education institutions in Indonesia. All students came to study a 1-month summer course at the International College. In a period of one month, students gained both theoretical knowledge and practice, especially in the exchange of knowledge in the arts and culture. There was an opening remark for the graduation ceremony of the Summer Course by Dr. Supot Rattanapun, Vice-Dean for Academic Affairs. After that, student representatives from each educational institution thanked all teachers for teaching and sharing knowledge over the past month. On this occasion, certificates were given to all students who completed the Summer Course by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Arus Kongrungchok, Dean of the International College. All executives, teachers, and students took a group photo together and had dinner together while watching performances by students from each institution in Indonesia.

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